Introductory Rambling

Okee dokee, I have a blog. In the firm interest of procrastinating the crap out of my actual website (which you can, nonetheless, look at – I have been wrestling with the mysterious world of WordPress all day, after being annoyed (not for the first time) at how sad and muddy photos look when posted on Facebook. In particular, red-lit, dark live music photos get compressed to gross pieces. This is unacceptable! So hopefully I will be able to get a bit of a spiffier look out of them by posting them here.

I will be using this space as a photo archive, maybe a design display, lots of music photos, and a bit of writing in an effort to get some reviewing chops back. Hey, remember when I ran that music magazine? This is the happy medium between having no publication at all, and having one that is impossible to run on my own. I expect the music photography/review aspect of this thing may morph into something a little more official as time goes onwards.

Kindly enjoy the images, feel free to spread the word, certainly feel free to share or repost images, so long as you keep the watermark intact, and if possible, link on over to this blog,, or my Facebook page. Much appreciated. And of course, if you’d like me to bring my camera to your event, just give me a holler at

Side note : Celebrating 15 years of concert photography!! Wowzers! Couldn’t have done it without all you lovely people. This past weekend out at a couple killer gigs reminded me how lucky I am to know some of these folks for just about that entire 15 years already. We really should probably have some cake or something.

Also, the fellow in the photo above and at the top of the main page is Fyfe Dangerfield, singer of a band called Guillemots that follows absolutely no conventional music-releasing timeline, but who are nonetheless delightful. He played a solo show while I was in London last November, a long-anticipated set – lucky me!

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