Jody Glenham with Sunshine – Biltmore Cabaret – Feb 26

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of stumbling across a brief and fortuitous meeting with Jody Glenham while we were both sort of hovering around the ACTORS show at the Cobalt. She’s a gal who has a name and a face I have heard and seen before via various mutual friends and whatnot, but I never really connected the pieces, nor met her before. She invited me out to her album release party for ‘Dreamer’ the following week at the Biltmore. These shots come a little late, but I have been out of town on a desert adventure for the past 4 days.

Sunshine was just getting onstage when I arrived, another group I have known of but somehow never managed to see play.

After a short set change, Glenham and her band of friends and stand-ins (the great Vancouver band member exchange strikes again!) hopped on stage. The whimsical starlit stage and giant foil moon were a pretty touch and lovely backdrop to her sweet and dreamy songs. The night was over fairly early (ah weekdays!) but very happy to have seen these groups tonight and definitely looking forward to catching them again!

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Jody Glenham

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