ACTORS – Come Friday at the Cobalt


This band. Wow. What a night, first of all. The ultra-party atmosphere of Come Friday at the Cobalt was the perfect spot for ACTORS to play a show. I have been friends with frontman Jason Corbett and drummer Adam Fink for basically as long as I have been shooting music in Vancouver, and have known Corbett through four bands now (I’ve lost count of how many Fink has appeared in, but suffice to say the Vancouver music scene would be incomplete without him behind many a drumkit). ACTORS has been out and about for a bit but this was my first time catching them live, and it is quite the culmination of Corbett’s music career to this point. I recall him telling me this is the band where is is truly making music for himself… and it shows. The music is energetic and swoony, and the audience crammed full of a heritage-classic of friends from years’ worth of Vancouver music busied themselves dancing hard and drinking harder. It is a Friday, after all.

It feels like the pressure is off with this group – they really are just having fun answering to their own agenda first and foremost. The band members (and their fans/friends/lovers, I should add) are beautiful and stylish… Fink, wine-red suspenders and dress shirts?Goodness… fitting to such sizzling, synthy music that would be at home on any fashion catwalk.

It was a super-satisfying evening, cozy and full of the love of good pals, along with… well, a lot of booze and a big honkin’ party. I will have to take notes next time – I actually had arrived pretty early when there were naught but 12 people in the room, so busied myself with a good handful of beverages to the point where I was capable of some photo-taking, some dancing, and realizing I was having an stupidly fun time… but my mind is light on the finer details. Maybe that’s the point – if you enjoy something this much, let it be a little blurry. The weekend can only get more bonkers from here!

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