Danny Michel at the Fox Cabaret June 04, 2015

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve seen this fella play a show – he always seemed to drop into town when I wasn’t around, or so quietly that I didn’t even know about the show until after it happened. I was determined not to miss this one! Well, I did miss almost half of it because “Danny Michel & Guests” turned out to be “Danny Michel & Danny Michel,” not that I wanted to miss whomever would have been opening – I just was strangled in a bit of work earlier in the evening. The show was warm, full of laughs, and love being flung from the audience to Michel and reciprocated right back at them. It might be the first time in the history of everything that Vancouver was actually honestly lauded as having an incredible crowd in attendance. Michel weaves intricate stories through his music, telling of his seemingly never-ending curious adventures around the planet (mostly Ontario, Belize and… space?!). It’s worth really listening close to his lyrics to hear the tales spin out, and in between songs, he elaborated on the stories contained in each one. Delightful night – hope there’s another to see soon!

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