Remembering Jay Smith – The Odds – Imperial – April 1, 2015

I just have to say, what a show. This event was beyond sensational – a brilliant line-up, and so much love in the room. It not only gave fitting tribute to a musician that was well-loved and respected by many, but was a benefit for the Unison Benevolent Fund. I think it’s fair to say the whole thing was a smashing success. I arrived at Imperial just in the nick of time for The Odds to take the stage and kick things off, along with special guests Cary Pratt and Barney Bentall. I took a veritable ton of photos at this gig, because, well, it was fun and there was so much going on with all these musical superstars onstage. Working on the balance of them as I type and will post on a rolling basis – stay tuned!

NOW UP: Part 2 with Adam Baldwin and The Matinée!
Part 3 with Dustin Bentall!
Part 4 with Matt Mays!

More on The Odds
More on Barney Bentall
More on Cary Pratt (Prairie Cat)
More on the Unison Benevolent Fund

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