In the studio with Jason Corbett & ULTRVIOLENCE

A couple weeks ago, a longtime music friend of mine, Jason, asked me to pop by Greenhouse Studios to photograph him producing Calgary group ULTRVIOLENCE. He asked me for something Anton Corbijn-esque to commemorate the occasion. If you’re unfamiliar with that photographer’s name, you’ve probably seen his work anyhow, especially if you’ve ever held an album cover from U2 or Depeche Mode. His inky, saturated, grainy, off-the-cuff black-and-white images of musicians have graced many a record and magazine. He’s responsible for things like this:


Hey, no pressure or anything. Corbijn happens to be one of my favourite music photographers of all time, and I draw a fair bit of inspiration from his extra cool, casual shots, even if I don’t emulate his style particularly. While I can’t really hope to  recreate the built-in magic of a medium-format Hasselblad on my humble 35mm dSLR, I could try out some post-processing chops to give a reasonable facsimile. I think it turned out pretty good. Here are some of the results. It’s always nice to spend some time in the studio with musicians doing their thing. It’s relaxed, everyone has a job to do, and I can just hover around the sidelines taking informal snapshots of the proceedings. Things were sounding good and everyone seemed to be really happy with the way the recording was going. Looking forward to hearing the finished product! Fun evening and good folks!

Visit these artists:
(Jason Corbett’s band)


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